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Welcome to Megapixelstock

We are photographer and web programmer. We love what we do and its who we are. We aim to create great community of photographers, that want to share their amazing work with the world.

For many of us photography is a life time journey, whether you are photographer or passionate about photography.

Megapixelstock is a gathering place for web developers and photographers who would like to share their work with the community. The megapixelstock is for sharing free stock photos.

If you are photographer please feel free to contribute and be part of our community. If your are web developer or student this is the place where you can find stock photos for your project without infringing any one's copyright. Our contributers will also have their own web/social media links by their photos for if you wish to view more of their work. We are a new community now starting to invite photographers and wed designers to join us whether you are pro or amateur. Our aim to encourages photographers to display their photos ,sharing and learning from others experience and receive recognition for their work.

There will be tips about photography and web development on our blog. If you want to get insparation of please check our blog or check our awesome photos

The Team

Ahmet Gür - Co-Founder / Developer

Dilaver Özen - Co-Founder / Photographer

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